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Road To Heaven

that will be a long and crazy ride

about the girl
This is the slightly fangirlish journal of Mercy. Her life is like a mix of a good old western with a wee bit science-fiction and mystery thrown in.

She takes life as it comes, loves to meet new people and has, according to some people, a weird sense of humour.

In her opinion, the world could use more wisdom and less idiots.

She's a hopeless romantic and yes, she does read trashy romance novels.

One day she's going to visit New York, Tokyo and Jerusalem.

She believes in God and in the theory of evolution.

Mercy also does not normally speak in third person unless she is bored.

Still here? Then grab a and make yourself at home. :D (Emergency exits are to your left. You know, just in case.)

contact information
where to find me
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planet 'fandom'
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The Beautiful Blogger Award
Awarded by Meike to Mercy

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