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SGA - The Long Goodbye (the Sparky side of it)

This is the first time I did something like this, so bear with me ^-^ It's mostly Sparky centered but some other scenes sneaked their way into it as well... There are about 60 pics and one animated one, so the loading may take a while *cough*

The beginning: John and folks find two pods, lurking in space. And because they are so alone out there Rodney wants to take them home *facepalm*

Back in Atlantis, Rodney does his magic, opens the pod and voilá, gets Elizabeth 'flashed'. She would have hit the floor if it haven't been for John catching her (let's ignore Caldwell, shall we?) Fade to black (and I would bet my last shirt, his hands were doing unholy things... to Elizabeth...)

Image hosted by

Rodney: "This is not my fault!" in the infirmery. John assures him, it's not and as Carson tells them she's coming around, they move with lightspeed to her side.

Image hosted by

And at whom does Elizabeth look the longest? Surprise! It's... John!

John: "You ok?" (rather breathless I might add. The full force of Liz' look did that to him)

Elizabeth: "Dr Weir is fine"

Image hosted by

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John: "Dr Weir doesn't talk of herself in third person." (meaning: Where the hell is my sweety???)

Caldwell orders a security team to the infirmery...

Elizabeth: "... overcome by the imprinting." (yeah, sure Ô.o)

Image hosted by

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Elizabeth: "She is only harbouring my consciousness." And Rodney gets one of the funniest lines ever:

Rodney: "Oh, here we go again." Exactly my thoughts >.<

Then John does the intoduction (and did I mention that there's a lot, a lot of eye sex going on?), Elizabeth/Phoebus explains who she is and why she was in the pod. Carson tells her that her physical body died. (So not good, guys. No, no)
Elizabeth doesn't look too disturbed by this but before she gets another word out...

John: "Yeah, yeah. We're all very sorry but where is Elizabeth?" Very demanding (he so wants his sweety back cause they haven't done it for several hours)

Elizabeth: "She is in here."

Caldwell say something along the line of 'and we should believe you?'

Elizabeth: "Would you like to speak with her?" (Looking at John, sexing at him)

John: "Yes, we would." (meaning: what do you think? Sure I want to speak with my beloved one. No get your flashy butt out of the way and lemme talk to her!)

Image hosted by

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Elizabeth is allowed to speak (later they find out that is was never her, esp the way she changes to Liz. So Goaul'd-sih! Very suspicious!)) and is all hyper (should have shown John that she wasn't the real Elizabeth)

Image hosted by

John: "Elizabeth?" (He does says her name very very often in the first 10 minutes... Mmmmm) with a little liplicking.

Wants to know if it's really her, Elizabeth assures them all that the imprinting will last only for some hours and that she, Phoebus, wants to see the other pod as soon as it's in Atlantis.

John: "Whyyyyyyy?" Good question. Elizabeth BOUNCES(!) a little and drops the bomb:

Elizabeth: "She believes it's her husband." RUMS! Disbeliefing looks and Elizabeth is all overwhelmed by the rush of emotions. Second funny word match between John and Rodney *giggle*

John: "I can imagine."

Rodney *brings the geek out*: "No, no, you can't."

John *glares at Rodney*: "No. I can't." (thinking: Bite me, Rodney. I want my toy Liz back.)

Image hosted by

Then Elizabeth drops a much bigger bomb (uh oh).

Elizabeth *bats lashes*: "John, I'd like you to try. Phoebus has a favour she liked to ask of you."

Image hosted by

John: "...." *swallows hard* So not good. Nope.

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Fade to black...

Rodney babbles about the failsafe of the pod, the flash-memory the pod saved and confuses John and Caldwell (I had to watch the scene twice to get all of that *sigh*)

Then Rodney goes all romantic: "It's also a chance for two last survivors to say their goodbye." *giggle* I think he is a Sparky shipper. Yep, he is.

Elizabeth is brought in by Carson in a wheelchair, stands up and moves to the pod. Concern over her well-being are voiced but all she says is: "Love is a powerful thing." Awwww *dreamy sigh*

John: "You're hopeless romantic, you know that?" What's wrong with that?

Image hosted by

Elizabeth: "Well, you're just as hopeless. Otherwise you wouldn't have aggreed."

Image hosted by

Ok, did I miss something? What does she mean with that? 'Hopeless romantic' or 'hopeless in love'? Confuses the hell out of me *argh*

They prepare to get John flashed after Carson gives the guarantee. Rodney does his magic again: "Aaaaand." *sigh*

Pod opens, reveals old man and Carson (he wants Sparky action as well!) urges John to get flashed cause the life signs are slowly fading.

Caldwell wants John to loose his gun and John hands it to Rodney who looks so not happy *grins* They all wait for John to move to the pod but...

Carson: "... in close proximity to the pod..."

John: "Yeah, yeah, I know." You do, John? Then why aren't you moving?

Image hosted by

John: "You know, they were husband and wife? Anything... could happen." Huh? What? Are you thinking she will jump you? Or better, you her? *squeee*

Elizabeth: "I promise to be discreet, Colonel." *snort* No! Really?

John moves to the pod, still a little hesitantly. With lots of lip-licking.

Image hosted by

Rodney: "Have fun." *grins* methinks he meant the lip-locking...

John takes tiny tiny steps to the pod and gets flashed. (Which looks cool.)

Elizabeth: "Give him a moment."

Image hosted by

John's head snaps up and he locks eyes with Elizabeth. Eye-sex. Again.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Elizabeth: "Thalan? It's me." In a seducing voice and smirking a little bit ;D

John: "Phoebus?" Again in this breathless voice.

They engage in a talk that has so many sublte and sexy conversations going on that I lost count *swirly mind*

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Elizabeth: "One last chance to say goodbye to my husband." *coughs coughs coughs* *melts*

Image hosted by myself

Carson and Caldwell give them some privacy but Rodney is all but drooling at them. Kinky man he is. *smacks him* Never heard of 'giving them some privacy'?

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Slowly Elizabeth releases John, doing again alot of eye-sex *happy sigh*

Image hosted by

John: "That's not what I expected..." Guh, we neither. Although he seems to like it. Like it very much *waggles eyebrow*

Elizabeth assures him that's it is her, Phoebus and she asks for some minutes alone.

Caldwell: "No! Absolutely not." *thinks* was that a wise decision? Probably yes, if you consider what follows...

Carson goes all romantic while Rodney says: "They are two consenting adults." *giggle fit* he has such a dirty mind *huggles him*

Image hosted by

Caldwell: "That's not what I'm concerned about doctor." *raises eyebrow* ooooookay. So, you would give them some minutes to do it all over the place? I like you ;D

And then another great conversation takes place. 'Are we talking about the same thing here'? Obviously not cause...

Elizabeth: "Two guards. One on each door." (Ignoring all teh others and doing heavy eye-sex)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

And then Elizabeth dives for the door right behind her while John for the other one. Punching the guard in the face and tacking his gun. Elizabeth does the same (just with more ass kicking) and takes the other guard down.

John shoots at her and she hides behind the door. He hits Caldwell.

Image hosted by

Rodney shoots with the gun at John and hits him in the arm. John flees while Elizabeth enters the room, the gun pointed at Rodney. Oooops.

Image hosted by

She stuns Carson and tells Rodney to tell security that everything is fine.

Rodney: "Security, this Dr Rodney Mckay. Everything is fine. Never been better..." Elizabeth stuns him as well. And damn does she look hot and evil as she does it *smirk*

She radios then security herself and orders them to catch John. And when they catched him, bring him to her. So that they can do it against all surfaces...

Elizabeth: "I'll deal with him myself." *melts*

She meets up with Major Lorne and his team (he looks good ^-^) and they proceed to find John. Teyla and Ronon find Rodney, Carson and Caldwell. They will search for John as well cause they will find him faster (why I do not know)

Then Caldwell radios Lorne and tells him that Elizabeth is not who she claims to be. They stop her, tell her to drop her weapon and she kicks so their asses *wheee* so damn hot! Terri did an awesome job, I tell you!

Image hosted by

Elizabeth disarms them and take alot of guns and stuff with her.

Bla bla bla in the Contol Room. Not very important. The usual stuff: Lost contact to Lorne, having two aliens running around, trying to do kill eachother and the coffee sucks anyway.

In teh meantime Elizabeth is on her man-hunt and radios John.

Elizabeth: "Weir to Sheppard." God, any more sex in that voice and the radio will go up in flames...

They talk about their current situation.

Elizabeth: "We both wanna have a shot at the same thing."

John: "You mean each other." *heavy melting* Is this a soft porn movie??? Too much *shakes head*

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

They have the Control Room as audience.

Elizabeth and John talk about each of them wanting to see the other dead (which is so not good. We want Sparky love not hate *sulks*)

Elizabeth: "I can't wait to see that look of defeat on your face." in a very evil-happy voice *shudder*

John: "That was hatred not defeat, Phoebus."

Elizabeth: "Is that any way to talk to your wife?" She had to bring it up, didn't she? So giving me dirty ideas...

The Control Room is all ear hoping to hear some NC-17 things and hears Elizabeth last line: "The moment I find you, you die." Everyone swallows hard. Uh oh...

Carson: "Well, they're heading for divorce." *giggle fit*

Bla bla bla again, orders to use any force nessesary and the coffee still sucks!

Elizabeth finds herself in a room with Teyla and Ronon. Only she doesn't know it. But she knows damn well how to hold her gun *stares* wow

Image hosted by

In the meantime John finds the Power Room and kills all power. Causing Atlantis to go all balcky black. Oops. Nice move John. Very romantic atmoephere. Very romantic >.<

Elizabeth suddenly seems to feel Teyla and Ronon and JUMPS over the railing. Woah!

Image hosted by

Rodney and Carson are ordered to make the Power Room whole again *sigh* Poor guys. John uses his gun to make nice fireworks and destroy the genetrators. Sorry but the new year is already here, John.

Image hosted by

Bla bla bla in the Controil Room. Little dark in there, huh? Candles would make the atmosphere alot more romantic, don't you think so? Little Rodney and Carson tramp down to the Power Romm to do their magic. Well, Rodney's doing the magic. Carson is his cheerleader ^-^

John finds a dark room and senses Ronon (now how did he do that? Like Liz he got a sixth sense...)
Does a little talking and persuades Ronon that he is John (all I say is Football. Weird thing to make sure he is John but it worked *sigh*) and to help him find Elizabeth. For what? To make sure, she will harm no one. Yeah, sure...

Image hosted by

Slowly the distance between Elizabeth and John fades and after some time they are all in a Cargo Room. Ronon runs into Elizabeth, she shoots him, hits him, shoots at John and gets away. HA! John takes Ronon gun after smirking down at him. The he leaves him there. Poor Ronon.

Bla bla bla in the Control and Power Room. Rodney has to get the primary energy running again and the coffee is still sucking *heavy sigh*
Carson doesn't understand why Elizabeth and John don't talk out their differences. Me neither but maybe then we wouldn't get this heavy over the radio sexing and shooting which equals love messages *nods* yep, it's only love!

Carson mends Ronon with only torches giving him light cause Rodney is too stupid to make the energy running again *smacks him*

Meanwhile Teyla finds herself in a room with John and Elizabeth. John watches closely everything while Elizabeth enters the scene. Teyla is about to shoot her but John stuns her. Now, he and Elizabeth are all alone... *bounce*

He turns his stunner to 'kill-mode' and follows Elizabeth who hid as soon as she saw John stunning Teyla.

John: "Would you people stop getting in the way." He wants to have Elizabeth. The others are keeping him from doing her getting to her *glares at the others*

Heavy gunfire errupts as John and Elizabeth shoot at each other. Both trying to kill the other. But that doesn't keep them from doing some shouting sex match.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

They both look so hot when all angry and worked up and squeeeeeeeeeeee ^-^

Bla bla bla in the Control and Power Room. OMG Rodney made the main power running again *bounce* ahhhh, damn. Wasn't a good idea...

John wears a very grim expression as he stalks over to Elizabeth's hiding place but she imprisons him in the room. You go, girl! Makes him even angrier and hotter *melts*

Image hosted by

Elizabeth finds a room from which she takes control over Atlantis. She closes all doors and overrides all codes. She threatens to kill 3/4 of the expeditions team if Caldwell doesn't hands over John. Oooops. Evil!Elizabeth is so cool! Terri plays that role fantastic!

Image hosted by

Rodney flails and has to do his magic again. Your mission, Rodney, if you accept is: Hack into the main system and override Elizabeth's codes! He gets into geek-mode and starts right away *happy sigh* He looks really hot when he does that geek-thingy ;D

Teyla finds herself locked in with Sheppard who is still trying to find a way to get to Elizabeth.

Image hosted by

Elizabeth mocks John: "What's wrong? You can't get out." which prompt John to shoot ate the contol crystals of the door and open it manually. Wrong move, John. She did it on purpose.

Image hosted by

Cause on the other side is Teyla. She stuns him. Ouch, John.

Elizabeth wants to know if Caldwell has John. He denies cause Rodney is still doing his magic on the overrides but Elizabeth doesn't believe him and threatens to release the gas that would kill the others. She mocks Caldwell as well with: "Even Weir thinks you're hopeless." (Again that 'hopeless' *eyes it suspiciously* I know it means something...)

Caldwell: "We have him." Oh weia. Worst thing ever.

Elizabeth: "I thought you might." Wearing that smirk again.

Image hosted by

She wants Teyla to drag John over to a security camera.

Elizabeth: "... Kicking and screaming if possible."

Image hosted by

Teyla follows her orders and they wait till John wakes up.

Image hosted by

Bla bla bla in the Control Room. Bickering between Rodney and Caldwell. Very cute and the coffee is not so sucking anymore.

Ohhhhh, John wakes up and damn does he look hot!

Image hosted by

He tries to convince Teyla that he's the real John but she doesn't buy his act.

Elizabeth: "You call that acting?" Yeah, me neither *cough*

John: "Phoebus." (In that I-so-wanna-get-my-hands-on-you-so-I-can-do-some-unholy-things-with-you voice)

Elizabeth: "There is that look of defeat I love."

John: "Wrong again. Still hatred." I call it love. Cause love can hurt as well. Yep, it's only love!

Elizabeth: "Kill him." RUMS! That was so not I wanted things to work out! And the evil twinkle in her eyes, the satisfaction of knowing that Teyla will have to follow her order if she wanted the others to live.

Image hosted by

John: "Don't listen to hear."

Image hosted by

Rodney! Do your magic a little faster! NOW!!!! *headdesk*

Elizabeth explains to Teyla that her entire life she was at war with his world and now, finally, she has the chance to kill him, the last survivour of his world. It would make her people the winner if he's killed.

Image hosted by

John makes puppy dog eyes at Teyla in an attempt to convince her to not shoot him. Just like a Goaul'd would do. So not working, boy. Nope. You suck at that.

Image hosted by

Elizabeth: "Kill him NOW!"

Image hosted by

BUT! Rodney did his magic just in time. He overrides her codes and voilà: Elizabeth is more than angry and marches off to kill John herself. Finally *cough*

John convulses and obviously Thalan leaves his body but Teyla still doesn't trust him. (I would neither.) Elizabeth enters the room and orders Teyla to move away from John who plays dead little man.

Image hosted by

Teyla does but not before giving him a stunner. Elizabeth doesn't see that and slowly moves to John.

Image hosted by

He sits up with lightspeed and stuns her.

Image hosted by

Lorne and his team come a little late (they are still hurting from all the kick-assing they recieved from Elizabeth *grins*)

John asks Teyla why she gave him the stunner and she says: "Because he would have shot her, either way." This is John's expression in response

Image hosted by

Fade to last scene...

Elizabeth is in the infirmary, slwoly waking up as John says: "Good Morning." (How did he know she woke up? Cause he seems totally engrossed in this whatever he is doing (it's a game. I know it!))

Image hosted by

They talk about Phoebus leaving Elizabeth's body (John: "Kicking and screaming." *giggle fit*) and Elizabeth is more than embarressed as John tell her, she shot Ronon *ooops*

Image hosted by

Little babbling over Ronon's health and then Elizabeth asks him if the others believed him that he was, well, he.

John: "... The only people believeing 100% are Beckett and you." I do not remeber him asking her if she believed him that he was, well, he... Ô.o

Caldwell: "And me."

John and Elizabeth are sooooo nervous *grins* it's so funny to watch them

Image hosted by

And then...

Caldwell: "Well if you excuse me, you both will agree that the paperwork on this is going to be a nightmare. Especially that kiss." HA!!!!!!!! I knew it all along! He is so a Sparky shipper!!! *is ded*

Their looks are priceless.

Image hosted by

Caldwell leaves them alone (embarressed like hell and looking so cute ;D) and Elizabeth slides her pillow down, trying to hide *giggle fit*

Image hosted by

Fade to black ^-^

I think this is THE Sparky episode. The Sheyla thing is so not worth mentioning but if you feel better, he did it for gaining Teyla's trust. Nothing more. This was purely Elizabeth/John doing it against all surfaces action.
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