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My X-Mas

*hides* I know it's very late but I really wnat to thank all those who made my Christmas the best I ever had! With gifts, cards, hugs and love ^-^ (Ignore the girl in the pic *hides*)

Beware!!! Lots of pictures! Not very dial-up friendly, sorry!

From the Great Evil One nessaja82:

1) Very, very yummy chocolate and
Image hosted by
2) A supermegacute
Image hosted by
and five red stars made from glass. You can see three of them at the bottom of the teddy pic ;D (I was looking for these for years!!!!!)
3) A cute keep-me-warm star you put in hot water and then after some minutes take it out and ta da, it keeps you warm ;D
4) Two CDs with lots lots of mp3 *giggle*
5) The best
Image hosted by
It has my favourite ships on it and OMG *tackle hugs nessaja82* it's awsome and fantastic and squeeee ♥

From the uber-talented ankareeda (OMG, girl you so rock!!!)
1) Chocolate *wheee*
2) Two fantastic books. The English one is my favourite *grins*
4) Two programms *loves you*
5) The best
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
I can put on the right bottom of the shirt! I ♥ it, sweety!
Oh and dana_cz: See what I'm wearing on my right wrist? *grins*

From lorettakay I got two very romantic and very funny novels *giggle* and chocolate biscuits *bounce* and from vickysg1 two shipper CDs (one Sparky and one Sam/Jack ^-^) with fantastic songs.

And today *glares at mail* four awsome Chritmas cards:
astrum_presul *snuggles*, seramercury *huggles*, mmontage *squeezy* and lightz474
*tackle hugs*
The cards are so beautiful and they brought snow with them, guys! Love you all so much ♥
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