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Meme and Snow

Got tagged by the lovely nikej

Five Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Friends & Family and the chaos they bring *grins* It's the only chaos I embrace and never let go *clings* without it life would be so boring and grey *shudder* Gotta love you guys!

2. Books were my first fandom so to speak. I read all genres (science-books as well as trashy romance novels). Don't have a favourite but right now I'm in thriller-mode ^-^ I've got so many that I've lost count but I could open a small library. That's for sure.

3. Chocolate. That's all I say *looks innocent*

4. DVDs (or movies and tv shows in general) but the best is if you've got them on DVD. You can rewatch the shippiest moments over and over and over and over again and squeee all along (and make your family think you've gone crazy cause you're glued to the screen and got that silly smile on your face whenever your hero and heroine have 'their' moment *squeee*) One of the best things of the 21st century.

5. Music is my place to which I retire when everything gets too much. I don't need any drugs to get high cause my music does that :D I listen to everything (pop, classic, rock, r&b, blues, jazz, soul,...) and it helps me to clear my mind. Playing the piano is fun as well. Esp if I have the notes from someone like Tina Turner or Bryan Adams and can play their songs *yay*

Eeep *tags*: nessaja82, dana_cz, ankareeda, xfairy1013 and jarrn *hides from the amount of snow that's thrown at her*


OMG we got snowed *giggle* our power is on and off (every 5,6543 minutes) but thanks god for fireplaces *clings to it* althought one can get burned a little cause she sits too near *sigh* but it keeps me warm. And it makes you feel all fuzzy ^-^
Here's a pic of the view from my room onto our roof.

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