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12 November 2005 @ 03:14 pm
Songy ^-^  
I knew one of you did start the fire! Don't deny it! These guys said the same:

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire

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My Strength Will Make You Cry: Eyefrakclaudiasharon on November 12th, 2005 09:18 pm (UTC)
Yay! I love that song! It should be an SGA music video (it's already an SG-1 one)...
Nancyanaelsusabo on November 12th, 2005 10:26 pm (UTC)
You choose very good songs, my dear!
Mercy: Muffin!!!mercscilla on November 12th, 2005 10:45 pm (UTC)
*looks proud* Thanks, hon *hugs*
skroberts on November 13th, 2005 07:11 am (UTC)