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I'm tired *yaaawn*

God, I'm so sleepy. Could drop dead right away but I had to do something to keep myself occupied. Cause I was at the hospital today (it's only 5 minutes away) and the doctor told me that the fight I had some weeks ago has left me with a little fracture in my breastbone. That's why I have difficulties breathing and walking long distances. It hurts like hell when I wake up and then try to get up.
And this little fracture is also responsible for the fever I have (don't know exactly how that happened) which goes up and down *sigh*
BUT I'm getting better. The doctor gave me lots of nice shiny pills that I have to take for at least three weeks. And I have to wear bandages around my upper body *shudders* I don't like corsets *grins* Next friday I'm going to the hospital again.


JOIN sg_100 NOW!!!

*points at her force* it may be pink (McKay's fault. Stupid jelly beans and wormholes. Result: Pink Force) but it works! *waves it* oh damnit, not again. Need new batteries *snags the one from her clock* see, works again ^-^


I made a new community: freeupyourmind. Gonna post the mixes I made there cause at my website it's not safe (long story). So, be nice and join *grins*

And I finally found out how to make tables for your user info *wheee* took me three hours *thud* but at that community info it looks cool ^-^ and changed my own user info *hee*

Oh and I made a new friend (who likes chocolate!!!): jarrn. You will survive my life. I think. I hope? I pray?... *zzz*

*hugs f'list* Love you, guys :)
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