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Movies and Halloween

Guh, I can't decide which movie I should watch: a) Flight of the Phoenix b) Apokalypse Now Redux or c) Poltergeist. I want to see all of them but I have so many other things to do *sigh*

Especially getting weell cause my cold is back *headdesk* Gah, I hate it cause tomorrow my sisters have their Halloween Party. Lots of screaming girls and well, boys as well *grins* Then we will hear again: "Oh, please. I want this Vampire to bite me *insert girlish scream*" and "OMG, look at that hot Skeleton *insert thudding girls*"
Sounds like fun *insert sarcasm* Hey, at least I get lots of candy cause I play the Guardian for them *hee*

Oh and I made a Stargate Halloween icon. Snag it if you want. I was a little rushed and therefore it ain't that great :)

I'm off to make more wallpapers and to watch one of the movies... but first I'm gonna raid the Halloween bowl *evil eye twinkle*

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