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25 April 2005 @ 06:38 pm
It's raining......  
I can't believe it. The whole day was all sunny and warm and then BAM: rain. That wouldn't be a problem, not at all if it WAS rain. But this? It's more like water-coming-down-in-fizzleing-ways. Like water through a strainer with me under it. That sucks (shudder)!
And now you can say, why the hell did you went out? Well, my lovely family decided to have sth from the bakery and thought I was THE perfect choice (sigh). I'm so stupid cause I said yes and the sec I was outside it began to fizzle-rain. O.O < that was my face, I swear! Now I need to dry (all whiney)........
Current Mood soaked
Current Music It's Raining Man