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6th month anniversary of mine LJ

Has it been really only 6 months? To me it seems like I know you all for a lifetime ^-^

On the 21st of April I was sitting at my notebook and was totally bored. I read already all fanfics *grins* and watched most of the shippy vids. My life was slowly ending. But then I stumbled over the best site ever: LJ *ohhh* A newbie from head to toe I carefully poked my way through it until one day (five days later) I met my very first LJ friend: johnliz4ever *huggles* She commented on the poem that reminds me of my grandma. Although if it was a sad post, I got a wonderful friend through it.

From this day on I stopped being too shy around LJ and jumped right into the pool *big grin* In these six wonderful months, the best of my life, I made lots of friends, joined the coolest communities ever and met people I can't live without anymore *clings to various people all over the world at the same time*
My life took a complete 180° and I'm very grateful for it. I finally found out how to make icons, shipper vids and write fanfiction. Before I had absolutely no idea. But with your help I made my way through the labyrinth :D Thank you so much *squeezes*

Without my LJ friends my life would be dull and dark. Thanks for being there for me when I was feeling down and sharing with me my good times. You are what I call best friends ♥

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