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I will post about my experiences at the university later this week cause now I'm just too tired to find all the things I want to write *la la la*

My mom just told me Stargate joke and I'm not sure if I rather bang my head or rather laugh it off: What does have a pumpkin and Goaul'd in common? Their eyes glow.
I really don't know what my reaction should be *grins*

I finally uploaded my new vids to my website and OMG, the webmaster of Kawoosh told me they are listing my vids ( *drops dead* I feel so honored *squee* Never thought it would happen ^-^
---> Visit to find lots, lots of cool videos ;D

*hugs her f'list* I'm in a love-the-whole-world-but-esp-LJ mood and therefore I'm sending you lots of ♥
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