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14 October 2005 @ 09:52 pm
Spamming, I know ^-^  
Got hit by the lovely _heckyes05

Name 10 things that bring you joy and then tag 5 others.

[01] My life (no joke, I love it)
[02] Books (esp if it has romance/thriller/sci-fi in it)
[03] My notebook and therefore my LJ (you guys are my best friends)
[04] Dreaming
[05] Sunrise/Sunset (but sunrise at little more, esp if I see it when I just woke up)
[06] Holidays
[07] Huggles/snuggles/squeezies/♥
[08] Stargate
[09] Travelling (although I never really done that but I still have time)
[10] Stars/Universe (they/it overwhelmes me everytime I think about them/it)

And I, the evilgreat Mercy, tags the followingslavesfriends:

dana_cz *huggles*
nessaja82 *HA!!!*
johnsheppardluv *yay*
lightz474 *wheee*

If you aren't tagged and want to be, just say so and I'll tag you *grins*
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johnsheppardluv: desirejohnsheppardluv on October 14th, 2005 09:31 pm (UTC)
all because of you & no it's not just a sting song anymore...;);)
Hey Mercy...

Name 10 things that bring you joy and then tag 5 others.

[01] Books (OMG yes! I have rooms full. It's an addiction that I've had from the childhood age of 2...)
[02] My online friendlies (LJers this means you! ;) lol)
[03] Writing (esp. scifi & fantasy)
[04] Dreaming (rsp. if Joe Flanigan or Harrison Ford or Noah Wyle is involved, for I am SUCH a goober! lol)
[05] Sunsets (they are oh so very cool)
[06] Holidays (especially the long ones)
[07] Travelling (I just NEED to get across an ocean. That's all...)
[08] Stargate Atlantis (cuz OMG Hot People Alert!!! Hot People Alert!!! ouga-ouuuga! lol)
[09] Joe Flanigan (wait i already mentioned him...but not in the same context. so dammit, he stays! lol)
[10] Mercy, jeep, Kim, Kristen, Monique, danVers, finn...the list goes on & on..lol;)

So there you have it...I tagged 10 others...over on my LJ. Do I get extra credit or something then? LOL!!! ;););)

- ur pal,
Mercymercscilla on October 15th, 2005 01:15 pm (UTC)
Re: all because of you & no it's not just a sting song anymore...;);)
*giggles her head off as she reads #9* I dreamed of him once. In a swimsuit but the rest is gone. Damn.

Extra credit? Whtacha want? Some icons dedicated to you or a vid?

Oh and books got you too? Great ^-^
johnsheppardluv: desirejohnsheppardluv on October 15th, 2005 10:46 pm (UTC)
all because of you #2 ;);)
yes yes yes! video video video! lol;)

i like Sheppard/Joe a whole freakin' lot in case you couldn't already tell...;););):):):)

- Sharma,
who is staring at him from dawson's though I should watch him on SGA instead...;);):):)

PS Christian Bale IS teh Movie!Hotness...esp. in All The Pretty Animals (at the very beginning & end anyway), Laurel Canyon (there's a nekkid..ok..ok almost near-nekkid pool scemne in the movie for him for gods sake!!!) ;):);) And then there's of course Batman Begins. YUM! Hey, how'd you already get the dvd though? it's not out over here for another few more days yet...hmmmmm? ;)

PPS I dreamed me & my friend were body guards Joe after we saved him from a stunt gone awry. it was totally awesome! He actually hugged us. OMG! ::drools uncontrollably::is ded:: ;)

Then, I dreamed Harrison Ford & he were in the same movie...And Joe was like "wow, I look like your long lost son, dude" & Harrison was like "That's just creepy, BUT I must agree." ;):);)

So, maybe Joe was kidnapped at birth or something? lol;) Hey! It could happen, esp. since he's the only one with "elf ears" in the whole Flanigan family! He even said so at a con.

And then there was Noah Wyle (aka the ex-Dr. Carter on ER). We were in Africa together & he jumped off a perfectly good boat into a dirty green river. It was fantastic! lol;);):)


Oh well I wouldn't mind seeing Joe in his lovely boxers once in a while on the show... but swim trunks?! OMFG! Yes! ;) I keep thinking abou those little red speedos that David Duchovny wore in that one episode of the X Files...But, I think trunks are better for Joe...cuz yeah...just NO sandals please...barefooted preferably...And he'll be OMG barefooted in the upcoming 12th episode of the season, "Epiphany." can't wait. can't wait. CAN'T WAIT!!!"
johnsheppardluv: got woobie?johnsheppardluv on October 15th, 2005 11:00 pm (UTC)
Re: all because of you #2 PS again;);)
I LOVE books! ;) and Indiana Jones & Han Solo...

As for books though, I used to love the Redwall fantas series by Brian Jacques...those Star Wars tie-ins that almost all the great sci-fi novelists have tried at least once...Now, my new kick is this fantasy series, called Pendragon - 6 or 7 books & going - by D.J. MacHale, as well sa Dan Brown's two Robert Langdon novels...

So, what are you fave authors or books, Mercy???

-ur pal,
Mercymercscilla on October 16th, 2005 08:56 am (UTC)
Re: all because of you #2 PS again;);)
*rereads your dreams cause they are just too damn funny* I dreamed once that Bruce Willis needed my help in 'Die Hard' ^-^

I usual dream about me and the recent guy of the month on TV/DVD/Cinema ;D

I don't have a fav author although I love Stephan Hawkings and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. He writes physics and she romance novels. But most of the time I read what's written on the back of the cover and then buy it. In a book I need romance, sci-fi and/or thriller. If there are two of these three I'm a very happy bookworm *grins* Oh and Dan Brown is also my fav ;)