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Sorry - Gifts - Thank you

I am sooooo sorry that I haven't commented on your post these last days and wasn't able to update the Daily Communities *falls to her knees and begs for forgivenes* but I was from 9 am till late in the afternoon and sometimes even evening at the university. It was a get together of all newbies who start now their law studies. We are about 200+ students and to make it easier we were devided into 10 groups, some having more than 20 students and some less. In my group (the F-Group) are 15 people, more girls than boys but we get on with eachother perfectly.

Like I said, once upon a monday I got up very early cause I didn't know how many students would take the underground although it was still the last week of our holidays. I went down to the station and stood like a little good student there, checking if I had everything (Pens? Check. Papers? Check. Mobile Phone? YES.) as a other girl, Bianca, asked me if I knew how she would find the way to the room where the law students meeting was. Gaping like a fish I told her that I was also a law student we nearly laughed our heads off at the coincidence. Together we found the room and sat there, waiting for the dean to start his speech. aFter the very, very long speech we were devided into the groups and again Miss Fortune decided to help me and Bianca and I got the same group. There I met four other girls (Carolin, Cora, Marion and Britta) which are living near my home, two of them, Cora and Britta, just 10 mins away. And Cora is a Stargate fan as well *wheee*
Our groups is really great, we understand each other and there are no problems whatsoever and I'm very thankful for that. The guys are ok, well no Rick or Joe but good looking nonetheless ^-^ For these four days we had two tutors, Kati and Jan, who were fantastic. They were like a pair that was married for 40 years and still argued about everything and yet had their fun. Really, way too funny *grins* Sadly they won't be our tutors for the next 2 years but we can ask them whenever we need to.
In our group everyone introduced him-/herself and for the first time no one made fun of mine name ;) They were rather completely fascinated and I had to tell a little more about myself *sigh*
They are great although not as great as you, my friends *huggles*
At 1500 they showed us the rooms of the faculty and we for 2 hours we were running across the whole campus *pats her feet* I was so tired and when I got home at 1730 I had to help my mom with some math stuff. After that I just dropped into my bed and wasn't seen till the next morning.
On Tuesday a female judge told us about her work for two hours (9 am - 11 am) and after that Kati and Jan showed us the library and the HRZ (a part where compters can be found and be used by students). At 1300 we played court and I was part of the defense which was really great. We completely forget the time until one girl screamed that she had totally forget her appointment. It was 1800 *grins* Hadn't that much fun in school.

Wednesday morning a professor came to us and talked for nearly three hours about his work, students, law studies in general and answered our question. Then for the firts time we were able to go to the refectory(?) (in German it's Mensa). Man, they have so much that you really can't decide what you want to eat. I took a corn on the cob *yummy* Cora and Bianca as well and the others either steak or potatoes. After an hour of yummy-meals another professor explained to us the university-network. I think I got it all... wasn't difficult. Then Kat and Jan gave us lots of tips for exams and together we kind of did a try-out exam. With solution and everything. This day ended at 1530 but int he evening we met again for a group-evening at 1900. Had a great eveining in a bar called 'Dogside'. Carolin, Cora and I went home together at 2230 cause we were so damn tired and Carolin had to get her train home. I fell into my bed and slep like a stone *zzz*
Last day: Thursday. All groups came together for the final day and each group had a play or something else planned. We the 'Fantastic Flummies' had our own sports for tired and sore muscles *grins* Te best group of all... *looks proud* After that some people talked about the radio of the university, the SOS rooms (if you have no idea whatsoever) and the next parties that are due this and the next few months.
All in all the four days were great. But now I want my weekend ^-^


This week lightz474 wanted to change the layout of her LJ and I decided to make three banners. They are also a plea for forgiveness cause I neglected you *snuggles*
I made them yesterday evening in two hours and therefore they have some flaws *sigh*
They are all Torri/Elizabeth ones and in a redish/pinkish/or whatever you call this color *grins* If you want them, take them, just give credit. Please *makes puppy eyes*

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johnliz4ever is probably back from her week in the US but yesterday I got her message and in her name I'm hugging her and mine f'list ;D Sorry that it's coming so late.
Oh that reminds me to thank her, nessaja82 and ankareeda: We send each other lots of messages through our mobile phones and I'm really thankful for them. They made my days ^-^
I ♥ you forever *massive huggles attack*

I will try to work my way through all of your post and make some icons. Love you, my f'list ♥
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