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Thoughts before my bed swallos me...

Tomorrow starts a three day marathon of getting to know your fellow students and learning to survive tha labyrinth called university ;D I'm strong, I'm self-confident and I'm so damn nervous *flails* I know my way around but what will be the other students like? *bites nails* But anyway, I'll be myself and if someone has a problem with that, he/she can kiss my @$$!
It's normal to be nervous, right?


johnliz4ever created her own art LJ featuring her great artwork and the fantastic actress Torri Higginson! Go and check torri4ever out (if you don't I will use the force. I've got new batteries *evil smirk*)

Tomorrow johnliz4ever will start a journey to Far Far Away (to the US). I miss her already terrible but one of the best inventions of the 20th century will help us to stay in contact: The Mobile Phone *HA* and if she finds a internet cafe and time the www ;D

Have fun, sweety *squeezes tight*


Hee, if don't already know: My art LJ sisters_art has four new vids and if you want to know when I post new art, go and join *points at her shiny new force* I wouldn't dream of forcing you. Nope never *shakes head*

Night, fellow friends ^-^
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