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Random nonsense

*has still this sleepy look on her face* Do you know these days when it's cold outside and even your home isn't cozy and warm? You just want to stay in bed, under these warm covers? I felt like this today.

But then my mom dragged me in our living room and together with her I'm sitting now on our big sofa with lots of blankets (the one in pink with hearts and the one with little stars) and we're eating cake (chocolate *yummy*). She's spamming me with weird but funny emails and I'm trying to make some vids and icons *grin* Love weekends.


Got the third card from nessaja82 and a letter in a bottle *huggles them* I love getting cards! Makes my sisters jealous *biiig grin*


So, reinstalled my Yahoo Messenger and it looks like it works again. Thanks to my new friend jeepny who told me to do it. Welcome to my crazy world ^-^

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