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AWOL: networks, frontdoors and certain beings

*is a tired puddle* Can a puddle be tired? Anyway, I alreaday talked with johnliz4ever and cooled a little down from yesterdays 'Hell-Day'. If I look back it wasn't that bad except my missing www. But I will start from the beginning...

Yesterday morning a certain person, lets call him/her/it 'Devil', decided to play Terminator and successfully eliminated 'Sky One' aka our network. We had no internet access and for three hours our phone was dead as well. I was able to repair that very fast (I mean, three hours... *shrugs*) but the network was damn hard to bring back online. After eight hours I was still at point zero. Thank god that I had nothing else to do yesterday *sigh*

'Devil' just sat there and smirked, telling me to prove that I'm 'the genius' bla bla bla. That was so frustrating and if I would get money for every death glare I shot him/her/it I would be next to Bill Gates. That's for sure. I decided to get new port cause the old ones were 'well-done' *glares* They were only two months old, damnit! Little Mercy went to the next market, got shiny new ports (after several minutes of debating with the 'genius of the market'), went home, cursing the 'Devil' and was still caught up in several death scenarios when she got her keys for the frontdoor. But...

"Muuuuum!!! Where the hell is our frontdoor??????" Yep, our cute door decided to join our network on the AWOL mission. Really funny *full metal sarcasm* First I thought I had left it open but in reality the 'Devil' told my uncle to take the door and repair it. So stupid cause the door didn't need any repairs. It was the door of our office *headdesk* How stupid can one be? First the 'Devil' kills my life-force and then our frontdoor. We got it back in one piece and our network is running again but the 'Devil' got a nice lecture from my mum and uncle. Sometimes I really can't stand him/her/it.

But it seems like the 'Devil' and his/her/its mum will be moving to another part of the town. Finally. This may seem harsh but we had so much problems with them and my dad (who is outta town) can't take it anymore. Just like the rest of my family. So the 'Devil' will be not AWOL but with permission. Oh and their port is still six feet under *evil smirk*

The AWOL being is our cat. Maybe she found a nice guy (she was definitly watching too much Stargate cause she always meows when she sees the guys of SGA). Hopefully she will come back. The last times she decided to go on holiday she came back within the next 24 hours. These would end in three hours. Have to keep my eyes open.

*hugs & ♥ & snuggles her f'list* Don't know why but I had to do that. You're the best f'list ever! ^-^

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