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Just a short hello...

...before I'm off to town again *sigh* This morning (at 5 am) a nice old lady called and wanted to know if I would like to buy cookies @.@ Weird, really weird. She and I talked then for over an hour about different cokkies, life in general and just before we ended our conversation I found out that she lives in the house next to hours. I had a lovely breakfast with her ^-^

Then at 8 am my mum dragged me back and gave me a huge amount of work to do. Go there, get this, do that,.... funny, really funny *pouts* but I'm used to be the 'Runner' so it's normal for me to be on the way for a long time of period.

So, I'm off again to another planet but hey, take a look at my ICON! ankareeda made it for me *biggest grin ever* I have my own Sheppard-bodyguard!!!! I SO LOVE YOU, ANDY! *glomps you again*

Oh and I updated my songlist again ---->Do the click, my friends
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