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ZOMG Best Birthday EVER!!!!!!

ZOMG, *thud* and *glomps her f'list* this is the best day in my whole life! I go so much freacking cool gifts and my f'list is the best!

This morning my mom woke me with her own version of Happy Birthday ('get up, the heater crashed') but after I solved the problem she presented me with a lovely cake ;D Still eating it...

Later that day (after playing Runner again for the company of my parents) I got lots of gifts:

*jumps nessaja82 and ankareeda* OMG your gifts so rock my world! I love your book Sarah (reading...), it's wonderful! And Andy, you're a shipper who's after my heart! The t-shirt is so damn cool (will take a shot of it as soon as I can) and your chocolate made my mom laugh her head off cause somehow she found out that I wrote that story *headdesk* Then I saw dana_cz and johnliz4ever posts and dropped dead again *grin* Thank you for the best b-day pic ever, Dana! My shipper heart is bursting from all the hotness and shippyiness! And Torri, your best-friend post made me all teary *sniff* See yourself as snuggled and ♥ ^-^

I love you forever and you so rocked my day

And as well big snuggle-hugs and choco-♥ to my other great friends *squeezes you all tightly* Thank you all for your lovely whishes <3

So what else did lil old Mercy get... I got a score of Tina Turner with all her No. 1 hits so I can play them on my piano *squee* (I started with 'We don't need another hero'), an old chess game from China (19th century) which looks really cool, then a DVD set with both 'Pretender movies' in English *YAY* and a new bookbag (my old one is... well even a sarcophagus won't heal it...) and the 1st and 2nd seasons of Star Trek Enterprise.

A damn cool birthday! I LOVE YOU, MY F'LIST!!!!
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