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LJ Interests meme results

  1. chlex:
    Right from the start I saw it. Still see it. Somewhere...
  2. earth 2:
    Stumbled over it one Saturday afternoon and stayed there for the whole season.
  3. harry potter:
    Actually I ship Hermione and Draco. But I love the books nonetheless.
  4. john/elizabeth:
    Love them, hug them and never gonna give them away ^-^
  5. lost:
    Yes, me is lost. For two seasons now.
  6. open court:
    I have a thing about law-thingies. Every once in a while I take part in it.
  7. relaxing:
    Yeaaaah, one of my favourite activities. If I just could relax my mind too...
  8. scully/mulder:
    Funny, just yesterday I got my Scully/Mulder phase again. They have a child! Any questions?
  9. stokes/sidle:
    Best CSI team ever. And damn flirty.
  10. victims:
    Since a friend and I were nearly robbed I am a memeber of various groups that help victims.

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