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Girls Night

Currently my sisters and I are sitting infront of our pcs and are chatting like there's no tomorrow. Well, they are. I'm trying to find pics for my themes50 challenge *flails* You won't believe how many young kids are online at this hour *looks shocked* but as long as I can keep an eye on things it's ok *grins*

Now silverinewolf is doing sth and I don't wanna know what it is. HEY, keep out of my LJ, sis!!! Gah, this is so weird cause we're sitting side by side and her eyes won't stay on her pc!!!!! Mona (sitting on the balcony) is still chatting in (some German biiiiig chatroom)...

She and my other sis were at their training lessons for the performance. Can't wait for it ;D I know they will rock. YAY!!!

*sends some ♥s to her sisters*
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