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Talking about a lot of things...

Well, this is a little weird but still makes me happy ;D May I present: silverinewolf, my sister's LJ. She's still under 16 but was so fascinated when she saw my LJ and now voilà, she has her own. She loves wolfes and Pink (the singer) and therefore her LJ is pink and wolfish *grins* Still under construction ^-^ cause her English still needs some improvement (with my help she will work it out in no time *nods*)

Then I will do some pimping:

Another icon-challenge community sg_inanimate. No humans or aliens just objects. Sounds very interesting *searches for some Goaul'd motherships*

And drf_roundrobin for Monica Reyes and John Doggett (TXF) fans. valeria_sg_1 and myself will be your hosts and hope that you have fun writing and reading.

We just finished out Pizza (it's very hard to customize and eat at the same time...) and now I'm staring again at teh wall *sigh* Some of you know that I have some serious issues with walls *thud* I thought about it and found out that it all started with Sam and Jack in 'The Broca Divide'. And now the Atlantis walls got me bad *grins*

*hugs her f'list and ♥ it*
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