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Friday & Weekend, finally!

Phew, what a day. Right after my sisters came back from school they kidnapped me cause dad is on his 'Renovation-Trip'. Again *sigh* We escaped to Alex's mum and hid there. Then Alex's friends came over and dad 'forced' them to help. Poor guys *insert sarcasm* We girls had to work so he couldn't force us *grins*

I was able to finish the letters for Andy (ankareeda) and Nike (nikej) while trying to work through all the new paid account stuff of LJ, the Photoshop CS features and (thanks to vickysg1) Napoleon.
Later I made ohshocking a birthday-vid.

Title: She is his flower (or go to my site)
Song: Desert Rose by Sting
Size: 10 mb (8 mb my site)
Spoiler: Season 2

And I tried to make two manips. One with John/Elizabeth and the other with Teyla/Ronon. They're my first ones using CS ;D

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Tags: art: videos, st. mercy: friends

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