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IhaveapaidaccountIhaveapaidaccountWheeeeee!!! Sorry, I'm just so damn happy ;D Still a little dazed. Have to work through all the new cool features... may take some time ^-^

Just before I dip into the sea of LJ some random things:

johnliz4ever: Yes, it's true. See it as a best-friend present. All I want in return: Lots of Torri-love and stories <3 *huggles*

raylion: Your vid rocks. It's funny *giggle* Have to watch it again ;D

ankareeda: *giggle* My sisters are so happy and decided you're their new best friend *grins* funny and I thought you're my friend *pouts* but anyway, they send you all lots of hugs <3
Andy, your CD is the best. I'm in such a shippy mood, it fits perfectly ♥ some of these songs I always wanted but forget to get them. They're all 'new' *snuggles*
You're so cute! We never did sth like that for our yearbook *sigh* Maybe I find some cute pics of me (have to print them on normal paper *headdesk*)
As soon as I can I'm going to write back. And try to make the firts page of your 'Shipper Journal' *big grin* Oh, the magic of shippyness...

'til then ♥
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