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The 100 | Let Me Take You (Out Of The Darkness) [Murphy/Clarke]

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3600
Genre: Hurt/Romance
Summary: After Finn's death, Clarke is hiding in the bunker. It's Murphy who finds her and things unravel from there. (Post-Ep 2x08.)
A/N: Well, would you look at that. This was supposed to have minimal plot and more smut. Now it's more like plot, smut, plot, fluff-ish. And it's Murphy/Clarke. That couple is one of those crack-ships that just hit you out of nowhere... xD
Archives: LiveJournal | FF.Net | AO3

(OMG, that show is making me ship them all. *flails* Though Bellarke will always be my OTP. xD)
Tags: mercy: fanfiction, tv pairing: clarke/murphy, tv show: the 100

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