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It's been a while... -_-

More like four months though I haven't really been absent, just doing a lot of lurking and drifting. *sigh* After the cancellation of Terra Nova I felt a bit lost and started hogging and spamming tumblr. Still do it but since there's no fandom that caught me like TN did (and does), it's more like a multi-fandom-hopping. :D

And then there were xfirefly9x and kateheightmeyer, who NUDGED ME AND MADE MY EMAIL GO PING! xD So, might as well come back to my first true love and invest more time here since you guys are still my best friends. <3 A little overview of what happened in the last few weeks...

Oh, boy. There seem to be a lot of them but it was only Terra Nova that stuck with me like Stargate once did. Ironically the TN fandom isn't such a big one but the fangirls we have are such an amazing bunch and the make up for the cancellation. :)

The Avengers is probably a fandom everyone likes/liked at one point or another. Hawkeye/Black Widow. And Coulson/Hill (which is again crack!shipping at its best). =P

The Dark Knight Rises was a surprise to me. Batman suddenly wasn't my main guy anymore but Bane and Talia. O_o I really have no idea why Nolan did what he did at the end but he made me have ALL THOSE FEELINGS! *headdesk* At least there are lots of other who feel the same.

Falling Skies is runner up to TN and Pope/Maggie do a fairly good job of keeping me guessing. Latest episode especially. That conversation left me with a vague urge to throw something at the screen. You just don't do that, writers. Nu-uh. >_<

Supernatural and Castiel/Meg were never in my planned schedule but I stumbled across the scene from 6x10 on YT and before I knew it, it had already happened. A few picspams and a story for my table at spn_30snapshots are only the beginning. ^^

Teen Wolf is my newest and the crack!ship Derek/Lydia has me in its claws. *hides* I started watching it three days ago after seeing a D/L video on YT. It was a bit disappointing to find out they had no real scenes but that has never stopped the fangirls. :D

Revolution is coming this fall. It might be my best shot at sci-fi and runner-up to TN. We will see. ♥

Real Life:
Life is a busy as usual. My new office feels finally like home with my old lava lamp and that beautiful picture. <3 And battling paperwork every day (BIC pens are the most awesome weapon EVER) is sort of fun too. xD

This is one of the newer pictures of lil old me and my favourite neck lace (a gift from my parents). ^^

So far, so good. ♥♥♥♥

*squishes f'list* Love you, guys! <3

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