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29 December 2011 @ 04:32 pm
Fanfiction | Taylor/Wash [Terra Nova]  
I've written stuff! \o/ It started at the end of November when Taylor/Wash drove me so crazy, I was unable to resist any longer. *headdesk*

Past, Present, Future
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 3x100
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Summary: Three glimpses into the relationship of Commander Taylor and Lt. Washington.

And So We meet Again
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 355
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Meeting outside of the hospital as they so often do but something's different tonight.

Saturday Night Meeting
Rating: R/mild NC-17
Word Count: 1697
Genre: Romance/Humor/Angst-ish
Summary: Jim and Guzman kind-of bond over a shared experience: Namely walking in on Taylor and Wash having their weekly Saturday Night 'Meeting'.

Forever, I'll Be Here
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 1069
Genre: Deathfic/Romance
Summary: In the aftermath of the Battle of Terra Nova, it is Jim who finds them.

Christmas Miracle
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5184
Genre: Romance/Angst
Summary: In the middle of enemy territory on Christmas Eve in 2137 is the last place Wash wants to be but then Taylor arrives and for one night, they share something special.
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