Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

Merry Christmas Part 2

I hope you guys have/had a wonderful time, either celebrating Christmas or simply enjoying the holiday. :)

Meike: COOKIES! Those were gone with the wind in seconds. :D And thank you so much for the books (already started 'Power of Six' and the bracelet! It's really beautiful and making my wrist look good. Heh. ♥

Dani: OMG, the shortbread candle is awesome. *squishes* I'm torn between actually lighting it and not because I don't want the beauty to go. *sigh* The toffees howerver are gone. Gah, they were so freaking yummy and vegertarian! \o/

Andy: Oh, thank you so much for the books and the beautiful card! :D New reading material that will certainly keep me happy for a loooong time. <3 And for the v-gift! *hugs*

Lori: PASCAL!!! OMG, you are crazy but the most awesome kind of crazy because it is PASCAL!!! *flails* The little beauty bag is sooo pretty but the socks totally rock. Shea-infused socks? So freaking brilliant! As are the magnets. Our fridge has never looked better. ^^ Love you, hon! *smooches*

Thank you makesometime and atomicpagan for their cute and beautiful Christmas Cards!

Love you, my most awesome kind of awesome f-list! *squishes you like woah*
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