Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

Autumn is here and Winter isn't far behind

I was standing at the open gate when a not-so-tiny spider lowered itself down, stopped about an inch from the gound, extended a leg and touched the floor.

It shuddered then, quickly retracted its leg and moved up again.

Apparently the stone floor was too cold.


*pats spider*

P.S. It is Monday. That means TERRA NOVA!!! *flails* It's getting ridiculous fast how that show has taken over my life. *facepalm* But now that SGU is gone this is the closet I'll get to a 'gate' and 'several billion lightyears from home'. xD But hey, now I know how to gifspam. Yay. SGU is definitely going to be next once TN's season is over. Heh.
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