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Frak You.

Dear People,

I like my work, really do. Office work isn't so bad most of the time but for two weeks now people make it really difficult for me to find any sympathy for them. If you don't want to work and rather let the general government pay for you, then that is your thing but do not expect me to back you up.

I work since I was sixteen, first at the organic shop a few hours a week, then since 2007 full-time. Not once have I stopped and while I sometimes feel like I'm going under, I do not succumb to the wonderful life of unemployment.

'Cause lets face it, here in Germany it's apparently okay to be unemployed, you can actually be proud of it, and it's frown upon to tell people to find a job.

You have now idea how many names we get from the Federal Employment Office to fill our open slots and maybe 5% of them actually call us and start to work. If at all.

Those times make me remember why Germany is going down the ladder and not up and I'm no longer willingly to finance the gold lifestyles of those people with my hard earned money.

FYI, I am talking about the facility management branch. We need people to work max. 1h 50mins each day (six days a week). That's not exactly hard work, is it?

No love,


(I do not mean my f'list. I know how hard you guys try to find work. We are looking for so-called 'minijobs' (max. pay 400€) and still people whine about how much work it is. ARGH!)

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