Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

*sticks head in*

Oh, woah. LiveJournal is alive! Unbelievable \o/

For me it stopped working on Monday (after I posted my Rush/Chloe - Secrets story for stargateland) and I gave up trying after the umpteenth time of getting a 505 error page. O_o

It's been my sisters' first week of summer vacation and they've decided to hang out at the office. Gah. After two days I banned them to dad's office cause I just didn't get any work done. *headdesk* Now they hog his computer and phone. Girlfriends talk and all that...

ankareeda's card from Ireland (I love it!!! Wheee!!!) definitely made my week. *squishes*

Now I'll have the whole weekend to catch up with all the fandom stuff going on. Let's hope LiveJournal is back for realz. <3

*grouphugs f'list*
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