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Lots of things... esp x-over vid!!!

First of all: One of my icon won first and the other second place! In one challenge! Over at intrinsic_icons. I'm soooo squeeeing *wheee*
I love icons *hugs them* and my f'list just because ♥

Image hosted by Won first *yay*

Image hosted by Won second ;)

This is my first x-over icon
Image hosted by

And then I'd like to present you my first crossover video. Between Stargate (SGA and SG-1) and the X-Files. It's part one ;)

Title: All is fair in love and war (Part one) or go to my site

Song: Love is a battlefield by Pat Banatar
Paring: Sam/Jack, Elizabeth/John, Teyla/Ronon and Monica/John
Spoilers: SG-1 Season 8, SGA Season 2 (Trinity) and TXF Season 9
Size: 13,44 mb (on my site 7,89 mb)

I'm thinking about making a trilogy. Second part is in the planning ^-^

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