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Stargate Universe 2x12

They played 'stargateland' on Destiny.

No, I'm not kidding.

- Rush's speech was the best. I would have stayed, too. Like Chloe. If you watch closely, you can see her looking at Rush when she moves to 'his' side. Plus she didn't follow anyone but made her own decision to stay with Rush. *flails*

- It's official. They play stargateland on Destiny. No, seriously. They had Team Food (lead by Chloe), Team Med (lead by T.J.), Team Weapons (lead by Greer/Scott), Team Greenhouse (lead by Becker), Team Stuff (lead by Varro) and Team Things-that-make-it-go (lead by Volker). And well, Team Twin!Rush. xD

- Chloe stayed. Without anyone influencing her decision but Rush.

- Varro stayed, too. For T.J. <3

- Have I mentioned Chloe staying with Rush? *happy sigh*

- Aww, Brody. *pats him* Workout is always good for you. Though next time use the walkie-talkie to save time.

- Other!Rush was very emotional, or at least that's what I got from the episode. Our!Rush was a bit weird with his humor (like SMILING!? and 'between me, Eli and, well, me').

- It's kinda creepy with the twin!Destiny and how the crew did not make it. I think they're dead because it would be just too weird to have them run round in double. Plus Other!Rush died, too, so doubles without him is a no-no.

- I could have done without the Chloe-Scott-mother comment thing but the McKay-bashing made up for it. Shame on you Rodney! xD

- One last time: Rush #1. Chloe. Rush #2. Destiny. FANFICTION! *melts*

It's a bummer they cancelled the show. It's way more realistic and though it has its humorous moments, most of the time it is true to life and that's what I love about it. You barely get a breather. ♥

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