Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

Sunshine, baby!

Yay! Finally! Done with work! Fangirl! Now! WHEEEE!!! xD

Even though it was busy today at the office, I actually managed to get some things done that started to pile up like mountains. \O/ Mostly pulling, pushing, poking papers... The clear skies (not one tiny cloud anywhere to see...) and sunshine since 6am did their fair share too and made it easy to work on a Monday. <3

But I'm glad that I'm at home now. Only downside was that I missed most of Transformers. *wails* Couldn't they wait till I was off-work? Grrr! Best. Score. EVAR!

Btw, would you call your car Bumblebee? Or you child? At work I got this call, somehow my name was mentioned and then:

Me: "Mercedes."
Caller: "Uhm, Mer-Mercedes?"
Me: "Yes." *facepalms cause she knows what's coming*
Caller: "Like, ehm, like-"
Me: "Yes, like the car."
Caller: "Ah, right. Okay."
Me: "Hm-hm."
Caller: "Really?"
Me: *headdesk*

Ah, the highlight of my day so far. ♥
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