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Rescue me!

There are now so-called 'Rescue Boxes' at schools and swimming pools. When my mom found the article, she decided to play twenty questions with me what these boxes are for and what they look like.

It could have been a normal thing but I am never normal. first reaction:

"ZOMG, it's like a telephone booth, right? NO! Even better! It's like a POLICE BOX - THE TARDIS! *flails* And when you open it, your very own SWAT-Team jumps out to rescue you from little frogs and lady bugs. Y/Y?"

Let's just say, my mother gave up and headdesked and just told me what it's for:

In case you lose a tooth, it's put in that box and sealed off so that the doctors can implant it back as soon as possible. Neat. []

But I like my idea better. *grins* Smexy, tough guys... ♥
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