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T-18 h and 12 min until sisters get back *AHHHHHH*

Pffff, tomorrow they will get back, M & M & M, my sisters that I hate to love and love to hate ;) (Who's stupid idea was it anyway to give us all names that starts with M? We get mixed up all the time...) The weekend will be filled with lots of action cause on monday the school starts for them but before that they want to go the cinema *sigh* And need to get their things together. Will be fun *insert sarcams here*

Ohh, what's this? Looks like a toy... *pokes* very fluffy... *YIKES* ALEX, YOU IDIOT!!! He kidnapped Mona's bunny. A real bunny, that's it. She's trembling cause Alex frightened her *sigh* 's ok, honey bunny, I'll protect you from the big bad wolf *grr*.

A big huggle & snuggle thank you goes to raylion! I got your Ü-Ei and I'm still on cloud nine because of it ^-^
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