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Ok, I stopped bitching. I do not like it (I was at the recieving end of it too many times) and I avoid it if I can but today Alex and Jack (my brother) were so childish and thought it would be fun to annoy me.

Everyone knows that I DO NOT want to be spoiled with facts/rumours/etc about Final Fantasy XII. But these two didn't listened and nearly killed me with the information mess they had gathered. Threw them out of my room (and our house).

15 mins later they came back with a peace offering. Candy bars *wheee* Forgave them. Now I can't wait to get FF XII *sigh* Maybe for my birthday...

OMG in 36 days I have to throw a party! *argh* I'm getting old... *sniff* well, and wiser. Age has it advantages ;)

Sleep well and dream what you want to. Shippy, slashy, deadly or madly ^-^ *huggles f'list*
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