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13 September 2010 @ 08:16 pm
Desktop meme snagged from EVERYONE!  
1. Anyone who looks at this entry has toCAN post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LJ.
2. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper.
3. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!.

[click for the bigger version]

1. sj_everyday made me do it (it was for the latest challenge).
2. This is one of my absolute favourite episodes.
3. Epic angst, people, EPIC ANGST and FLAILing and OMGFEELINGS!
4. This is the point where they go more or less canon (even if it takes another four years for them...).
5. Jack and Sam.
Salisalivia_baker on September 13th, 2010 08:07 pm (UTC)
they were always canon XD

I'd love to do the meme but my wallpaper changes every 5 minutes.
My Strength Will Make You Cry: Heroes-Sylar killed Elleclaudiasharon on September 13th, 2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
Pretty wallpaper! ♥
lorettakay: Sam and Jacklorettakay on September 13th, 2010 10:16 pm (UTC)
Jack and Sam!!!!!! Awesome wall paper!

I'm still using the stargate trinity wall paper you made me last year. Cause it's awesome!

(oh, scarecrow1983 wanted to know if you made any bigger versions, of the stargate trinity wallpaper, she fell in love with it when she saw it a few days ago.)

luv you!
Mercy: [SG1] Jack/Sam - loopy kissmercscilla on October 1st, 2010 02:53 pm (UTC)
Aww, you are the bestest! :D

(Which size does she need? I've got a few and if she needs a bigger one, a friend got the software to make it biiiiiigger. ^^)

*smooches* ♥
Jupiter: A | Emily Deschanelkateheightmeyer on September 14th, 2010 09:42 am (UTC)
Hahahahahahaha, Jack/Sam :) .
Schönes Wallpaper, bb! :)
Lemonlemon_tree_x on September 14th, 2010 08:36 pm (UTC)
You really love dark wallpaper, don't you? :)

Can't participate. For one because Aero changes the wallpaper constantly, and then my answer "was too lazy to have an own one yet" is boring :/

Sam & Jack - I miss them...
devi09: SG-1 | Team | Black Borderdevi09 on September 17th, 2010 08:24 pm (UTC)
Schönes Wallpaper und tolles Pairing!!! Den Spruch finde ich auch klasse. AWESOME!!!! ♥
Ich mach das auch nachher mal mit dem WP :)