Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

LJ and viruses

*headdesk* First I get a slight fever on Sunday evening (I guess running around with wet hair wasn't such a bright idea... *lalala*) and even though I'm keeping it at bay with Wick DayMed it totally killed my appetite. Meh. As long as it's just that, I can deal with it because I'm not visiting koryou and scout78 on Saturday because I want to eat them... xD

El-Jay on the other hand should be eaten. That whole ping-back and cross-posting SUCKS! koryou got a useful CSS code for your style sheet to disable it. To remove the checkboxes in your own journal add this to your custom CSS:

.b-repost-item-disabled {
display: none;

*listens to appropriate song for the occasion*

On the home front it looks chaotic. I'm haven't been around much the last weeks and probably won't be for the next month either because the work load my uncle left is completely frakked up. It will take weeks to get it all in order and I am really grateful for Open Office. Why do some people make it so difficult when it is much easier the other way 'round? *facepalm*

stargateland is sploding all over the place with challenges but at least they distract me from the blah-RL.

Then last weekend we found out that we are actually small people. The kiwifruit(?) in our garden proves it. *snickers*

And because I cannot say it often enough: I love you, my wonderful f'listers. ♥

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