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I had a few really busy weeks. Not bad but quite busy. Work is multiplying like woah since my uncle is leaving town and his workload had to be split between mom, dad and me. Dad will do the outside parts (visiting the client's facilities and checking up on the workers) but mom and I have to do all the inside stuff (paperwork, final payment and salary statement). It sucks, to put it simple. :/

BUT on the other hand there is stargateland and its crazy challenges. xD

This is for the "crossover"-challenge. I'm really tempted to turn it into a wallpaper...

Yup, we (Team SGU) wrote about booze night with the King himself turning up on an alien planet who was really one of Ba'al's clones and had this giant belt buckle that was a clocking device and particle generator. *lolz*

And then there is fandom in general. Heh. ♥

Tangled that is getting better and better...

Then there is The Asylum that got a SHERLOCK HOLMES movie with...Gareth David-Lloyd and Dominic Keating. OMFG! O_o

Aaaaand I'm on a SG-1 wave. <3 Next to Jack/Sam I also indulge in Elliot/Hailey. Proving Ground is teh love. :D

Have a lazy (and less-rainy and more summerly) weekend, my friendlies! *squishes*
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