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04 August 2010 @ 07:29 pm
Visual Talk of Weirdness  
Mom: "Why are you over there?"
Me: Nomnomnom! *gestures wildly because she's eating raspberries*

Mom: *raises eyebrow*
Me: "Spliderth."

Mom: "Food out of mouth. Now."
Me: Sorry. Spiders. Sitting on my couch.

Mom: "EEEK!"

Spiders: O______o
Me: *munches happily away in her corner far away from spliderth, now with clinging Mom*

I swear, if they start building a home on my couch, I will set them back in the garden. Where there are no warm pillows and such. Hmpf.
purplejade: sgu: chloe;purple hazepurpletrance on August 4th, 2010 06:17 pm (UTC)
Oh, I wouldn't even be able to be in the room. I'd have probably dropped the raspberries and run away crying. <-- Has major issue with bugs/spiders. XD

However, YAY FOR RASPBERRIES. Irony, too. I just tried them for the first time last weekend, and they were ♥ (I could totally see Chloe being a raspberry, too) o_o;;

Let's see...so we've got Straw!Rasp!Chloe, we've got Blueberry!Aliens, Col. Young is one of those watermelons that you knock on that sound hollow (lmfao--I just made that one up), and oh!oh! Scott is a banana because they're always associated with...male parts, and Rush is a green grape because they're sour. XD XD ...I'm not sure why I randomly started naming SGU characters after fruit, lmfao. *Backs away before you think I'm crazy* XD