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Stargate sticks it!

Land-community stuff is FUN. ^^ Recent challenges make the hiatus (is it October yet???) livable and I haven't felt this close to the Stargate franchise in a long time. ♥

One of my headers won and is up at clubstargate. *flails* The other one didn't win (at all) but I'm thinking about turning it into a wallpaper.

Maybe one colored version and the other in black/white. Whatver floats my muse. *lol*

Current's bumper sticker challenge at stargateland

The last one is my favourite. I'm thinking about putting it on my profile. FANDOM RULZ! xD

Btw, land-comms? O___________________o

fantasyverse | gleeverse | whedonland | fullerverse
hoodland | starfleet_hq | crimeland | twelvecolonies
definitely_dead | jjverse | starwarsland | tvd_land
dexterland | skinsland | bigbang_land | sorkinverse
avatar_land | xoverland | disneyverse | footballverse
sailormoonland | psychland | themiddleearth | disney_uberland
olympusland | wb_land | farscapeverse | leverageland
chuckverse | starfleet_hq | xenaland | scifiland
misfitsland | hpotterverse | twiland | usaland
veronicaland | community_land | spnland | network_land
movieverse | premiumtvland | teeveeland | castleland
drwholand | landofferelden | samjackland | sanctuaryland

(I think that's all...)

Holy land-comms, I think I need a . Or more . *is ded* A WHOLE TRUCKLOAD! Thank the cookie-monster that Mom and I made more than enough. *munches*

Oh, and my German friendlies: Howl's Moving Castle is currently on 3sat! ♥
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