Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

iMove (aka I went to the cinema and FANGIRLED. A lot.)

The weekend was so awesome that it totally made up for the crap that followed Monday/Tuesday with my sister. *still wants to poke her eyes out* Sort of like getting the reward before you have to go through hell. xD

And OMFG it was MOViE TiME and I don't really know where to start. *flails*

Saturday evening our cinema had an Iron Man 2/Prince of Persia - Sands of Time double feature and CAN I HAVE THAT AGAIN?! Geez, it was really worth its money.

I was of course looking forward to IM2 but had my misgivings about Black Widow. NO NEED! xD 'Cause Pepper had Tony on the leash and he loved it. Srsly. *snickers*

And because of the awesomeness that is fandom I ship now Whiplash with Black Widow. OMGEEK! Makes no sense and I really don't know how it happened but I do. I scare myself.

Anyway, onto movie. The new Rhodey was in my eyes even better than the old one. Happy is my new favourite driver. And LULZ at Nick Fury and his merry band of heroes, I mean The Avengers. Meeting in cafés. Yeah, really subtle.

Tony was of course the Man with his Ironettes (O____o). He was more serious (despite his flippant behaviour) and there were a few scenes in which he was really just human. Love that.

Pepper still owns my heart. That woman has balls. xD And if she wants she can be a real bitch. I missed that in the last movie. This time she showed Tony (and the world) that you definitely do not mess with a Potts. ♥

Prince of Persia - oh boy, where do I start... I love the game. I can't play it often but when I do it's the best time in the world. Games turning into a movie ends either really well or really bad. I never let that get in my way of enjoying a movie despite how bad the critics say it is. And I love the movie.

Of course Dastan and Tamina helped a lot. ^^ Throughout the movie their relationship grew and so did their characters. I like seeing them finding their way to eachother. It didn't interfere with the storyline but supported it.

The game scenes they integrated were the best visual parts of the movie, the special effects with the dagger and at the end with that giant sandglass were awesome. ♥

The only thing that annoyed me a little bit at the end was the turning-time-back to the beginning. *headdesk* I knew when they killed off every brother and everyone else that Dastan was probably going to use the giant sandstorm to undo it all. >_<

Oh, and the 21st century speak. "Oops." - really, people, REALLY? O_o

Still, they've done a nice job and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. :)

On Sunday we went to see Alice in Wonderland and can I say CREEPY?! But that is Tim Burton for you.

The plot works for the set-up as do the characters. Though I'm probably in the minority here with shipping Alice/Stayne... xD

The scary setting of this Underland was really getting to me. He has done a brilliant job of trying to show a destroyed Wonderland, how much had changed from the sunny days back when Alice came to it fo the first time.

The Mad Hatter is not so my thing. I can't say exactly why but the whole picture he presents wants me to poke my eyes out. Meh. The Queen of Hearts and the White Queen on the other hand make for really good LULZ-moments. xD

And OMG, Stayne is totally hitting on Alice. Tall and all that is really sexy. *rotfl* If the whole prospect of them together wasn't so creppy I wouldn't feel so creeped out myself.

The other characters do a great job of supporting the main ones. The best evil one though is the Jabberwocky. And the fight at the end. Geez, there were really great special effects at work. <3

All in all I had a colourful weekend as you can see. LOVED IT! xD

After this rather fangirly-review (if you can even call it that - more like just fangirling...) I have to get food. Otherwise my brain will splode... ^^'

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