Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

OMG, SUGAR! and car alarms. again.

Oh god, the best way to start the week and I WANT ALL THAT though I'll probably never get it. *sigh* To be honest, it's not exactly healthy but OMG what a way to go. *flails*

The Greatest Chocolate Party Ever! @ the famous Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

And yup, the car alarm went off again at 5.30am this time. Suddenly there was that annyoing sound in my dream where it totally didn't belong. So weird. O_o Had to get up at 6am but couldn't sleep anymore because the alarm actually kept going till after 6am. *headdesk* Dad flailed alot and later this morning my uncle drove the car to the garage of another friend - actually two friends - who BETTER GET IT DONE! x_x

Only Epic Score made up for it by being as awesome as ever. ♥ I could listen to them all day long. There's is something said for instrumental music. :D

And here something to make the next days easier (from
- Erst haben wir unsere Kohle in Island verbrannt, jetzt bekommen wir die Asche zurück.

- Sage niemals zu einem Isländer: „Asche auf mein Haupt.“ Er könnte maßlos übertreiben.

- Islands Letzter Wille: Verstreut meine Asche über Europa.

- Dear Icelanders! You misunderstood. We said: Give us cash. Not: Give us ash.

*grabs pillow and falls over*

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