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Sin City...

BIG WARNING!!! Don't call a graphic novel a comic. Never! ;) Learned it the hard way...

This is a short summery/review of the movie. Don't want to be spoiled? Don't click on the fake cut ;)

If you don't like people getting killed in every possible way you should stay away from "Sin City". They are shot, hit and stabbed to death as if there's not tomorrow. And in a very loud way, too. Very loud...

The world inhabited by the citizens of Basin City (Sin City, for short) is one of cruelty and depravity, and yet also one of friendship, love, and loyalty. Most cops can’t be trusted and vigilante justice is the order of the day. The women aren’t afraid to bloody their hands or to walk around in nothing or next to nothing. They get slapped around (can't wait for the first complaints about that), but they also give as good as they get. It’s the grimy, grungy, seedy side of life and it’s not pretty. It’s not supposed to be. It is Frank Miller’s fictional world of “Sin City” brought to life straight from the pages of his graphic novels.

Converted to black and white with only a few splashes of color – red lipstick here, red satin sheets there, and of course Yellow Bastard is yellow - Rodriguez transports you to another place and time by crafting a dark, bleak, world filled with shadows and menacing landscapes. And if the tone and texture of the film doesn’t immediately enthrall you, the actors who bring Miller’s characters to life will.

The main male stars of “Sin City” are Mickey Rourke (in one of his best performances so far) as Marv in 'The Hard Goodbye,' a massive thug with a scarred, chiseled face no woman could love without being paid to (Bere said he's still hot...); the Man Who Should Be Bond (otherwise known as a very yummy-looking Clive Owen) as Dwight, a murderer on the run in ‘The Big Fat Kill;’ and a screen chewing (all through the movie I think) Bruce Willis playing Bruce Willis...I mean Hartigan, a hard-nosed, honest cop on the verge of retirement in ‘That Yellow Bastard.’ The women motivating the men to do what they do are blonde beauty Jaime King (Goldie/Wendy), S&M pin-up Rosario Dawson (Gail), the very sexy Jessica Alba (Nancy), Carla Gugino (Lucille), Brittany Murphy (Shellie) and Devon Aoki (Miho).

As the villains we have Benicio Del Toro as Jackie Boy, Nick Stahl as Yellow Bastard *giggle*, Elijah Wood as Kevin, Michael Madsen as Bob, Powers Boothe as senator Roark and Rutger Hauer as Cardinal Roark.

The film’s unapologetically graphic and if you’re not prepared, you may find it more offensive than entertaining. (Some did after we watched it)
“Sin City” is violent, surprisingly humorous, sexy, innovative, provocative, visually stunning, relentlessly entertaining, and a movie that delivers something even the most jaded of moviegoers haven’t seen before. Gorgeous and gory, a graphic film noir taken to the nth level, “Sin City” is not just for devotees of Frank Miller.

(By the way Quentin Tarantino is also part of this bloody mess ---> Kill Bill is all I say. He's just not named)

I really like the movie. It's the first that's exactly like the graphic novel. Couldn't be more perfect.

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