Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,


The concert was a BLAST! Kevin Costner and Modern West totally rocked the hall yesterday. xD

And the best? He went throught he audience to get to the stage and I was like only an arm length away from him! *flails* You never get that close again to any superstar unless you stalk them. Ahem.

We really enjoyed the evening. His violinist was ♥ as was Sara Beck. Who gave me an autograph on her CD. Totally worth buying it. ^^

Ears are still a bit deaf-ish and I could use another round of sleep but with the sunny weather outside, I'll wait till tonight and go earlier to bed. *bounce*

Have a sunny and lovely second-half-of-the-weekend! *squishes f'list*
Tags: mercy: love, mercy: real life, misc: music

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