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Stamp Loving

Since our company needs tons of stamps (you have no idea how many letters we send each month. O_o) and we order every two months or so new ones, we also get the really cool and unique stamps. ♥

New (going to be ordered by mom this weekend *yay*) and my favourites:
The set "Gardenrose" that actually smells like roses when you rub over it (reminds of the Christmas stickers two years ago - they smelled like cookies and cinnamon. Yum.) and is used for the standard letters.

Why they only have it as a set of ten is beyond me but, yeah, well, I don't know why we exist either, so... *shrugs*

Unfortunately, not really but the museum of natural history is the next best thing. Seriously. Once you've been there you, you're going to consider to become a paleontologist. I did when I was there when I was eleven. xD

Usually it's a stamp for postcards but we also use two for compact letters.
Which brings me to my absolute favourite of these three. ♥

The "Jewish Wedding Ring" is so far the best idea they ever had. Mom and I already decided to buy a lot of them, especially since we send out pens with our engraved lettering and who doesn't want to get an envelope with this stamp?
By the way, talking about pens. We have finally really pretty ones. Lots of pretty ones. National Pen had the best deal and now we have, uhm, about 375 or so with our company name, address and phone number engraved.

I'm sending out one pen with every letter (hence the 0.90 cent stamps) and the people love them. :D

I really should start writing letters again. Not for the company but personal ones to you guys. All this prettiness has to be shared. ♥

Once in a while the "Deutsche Post" can still surprise you in a really good way. *lol*
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