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20 February 2010 @ 10:43 pm
*yawns* *rubs eyes*  
Geez, the last week did a job on my body. *pokes* I haven't had so many sore muscles in a long time. But, well, some things just have to be done and I really should do them sooner than later otherwise I'll have another round of sore muscles. >_<

I'm usually not a lazy person but working in a cold garage to oganize stuff is even for me a reason to delay it until the very last possible moment. Which was last week. *lolz*

Bless fuffy pillows and comfy couches. ♥ And the movies Darklight (in DVD quality. Heh.) and Twister (no other storm movie came even close) as well as the tv series Threshold. Another one that got kicked for no apparent reason. Phew.

Not really related but I went to my ophthalmologist (I call him eye-candy. He's a really good looking eye specialist. Very yummy. ^^) yesterday for a check-up. I haven't been there for three years or so and when he took a closer look at my eyes, her went all "Can I use your for my study?"

Uhm, what? O_o Apparently I have a rare case of partial heterochromia.

My mother has grey eyes with a gold-ish ring around both of her irises. My father has dark-blue eyes. I on the other hand have one light grey-blue eye (left) and the other is green-grey tinted with gold-ish (right).

It's not so noticeable at first glance (bright light brings it out) and the doctor isn't completely sure if it's just sectoral or complete, so he wants me back for tests in two weeks. He also thinks that my mother has central heterochromia but that's quite common in the population.

Hmm, we'll see what comes of this. Freaky me. xD
Billbilly_red_ocean on February 21st, 2010 07:27 am (UTC)
I had to look it up because I'm curious like that XD

Eyes displaying central heterochromia are often referred to as "cat eyes" because of the appearance of a multi-colored iris. Central heterochromia appears to be prevalent in irises containing low amounts of melanin. Central heterochromia does not label an eye as hazel. This is because the outer ring of an eye affected by central heterochromia is that iris's true color.

Hee! That means I've got cat eyes. lol. My eyes are green with an inner brown ring.

I've gt a friend in school who had sectoral and it was very noticable, she had really bright blue eyes and in one eye like a triangle of brown.