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V 2009

I'm currently watching V 2009 and except for the really annoying son of Erica, I like the re-imagining of the original series.

My favourite characters are definitely Erica Evans, Jack Landry, Joshua, Anna and Ryan Nichols; especially the first two (uhm, I guess Jack didn't go to the meeting "How priests should not touch women all the time and what's the definition of personal space") and therefore jack_erica is my new drug. So wrong. *meh*

They could give a few characters more than just a pretty face and a bit more depth. Wouldn't hurt. Erica is an FBI agent, geez, and knows at least as much about fighting evil as does Ryan. Jack may be a priest now but he was a soldier before. Stop making him look and act like a banana shake. >_<

And can someone shut that annoying son up? Please? Lisa could work for that. *grins*

All in all I'm looking forward to March. And Jack/Erica picspams. =D

First episode. Where I went O_o and then ♥

Fourth episode. So. freaking. Cute. And wrong. Darn.
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