Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

Ice, ice, baby!

One of the perks of really cold weather and wintery temperatures are the icicle at our house. ♥ The rest of town is just snowed in and doesn't look as beautiful as timeboundpythia's pictures of the The Great Snow of 2010 but we have icicles. :)

Big shiny ones. *grins*

Seriously, no idea what happend to you that you didn't freeze all smoothly but I like you anyway, pointy and all. xD

Unbelievable (and very rare here) but the icicle is about 2 meters (6.65 feet) long. O_o And sooooo shiny!

Some parts are the usual size (whatever that is. *lol) while other are as thick as a wrist. And some have enclosed parts of the ivy. ♥ That's true nature-art. ^^

Yup, since we have two snowplows and do winter service we have to stock up on salt. A lot...

Weekend was pretty lazy for me since Dad and my uncle went out with the snowplows to the job sites. Mom and I caught up with a few movies as well tv shows. Gotta love DVD sets. =D

LJ is stinky and doesn't send me comment notificatiosn again, so if I don't answer right away or days later it's LJ being stoopid. *grrr*

I hope your weekend wasn't too cold and freezy! And that you enjoyed it! *squishes*
Tags: mercy: love, mercy: random, mercy: real life, misc: snow, st. mercy: family

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