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I haven't slept more than six hours the last few nights. I tend to be hyper and jittery during working hours and when I come home I'm like a walking bedroll. *lol*

Mom thinks it's cute, I don't.

Like I don't think it was cute when the guy at the movie theater asked me if I was over eighteen. O_o My brother nearly chocked on the popcorn when he asked. Apparently I don't look twenty-five but seventeen.

Not cool. Nope.

But we cleared that up (the expression of the guy was priceless when he found out that I am actually twenty-five and my brother is the younger one with twenty-two. *snorts*) and saw Avatar.

Planned to see more but the weather makes it difficult to get to the theater. *sigh* So I'm sticking with watching fluffy birds and small animals. =D

Mom and I decided that we have to stock up the food for the little birdies, so Dad or my uncle has to get new stuff tomorrow. I am not going to in that weather. *hmm*

Work is okay, a bit stuffed but bearable; siblings' homework on the other hand sucks big time and why am I helping them again? Oh, right, sister. Darn. xD
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