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Christmas Packages

Super-busy day at work (seriously, why does every client wants everything to be done yesterday? Phew.) but the highlight was the mail.

Thank you suekay_87 for the biggest Christmas Card I ever got. =D I want to visit Glasgow right now. *hugs*

Later the poor postman arrived. He delivered packages from ankareeda, billy_red_ocean, koryou, scout78 and lorettakay (OMG, girl, TWO? *flails*) and is probably now scared for life.

Postman: *rings bell*
Me: *nearly brakes legs from flying down the stairs* "YAAAAY!"
Postman: "Delivery?"
Postman: O_o
Me: "NOW!"
Postman: *shoves packages at Lil' Mercy and was never seen again*

So, lovely f'list ♥, this is going to be most awesome Christmas ever. Yup. ^_____^

*falls face first into pillow*
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